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  • Who did Obelix once fall in love with?
  • In one of the comics of Asterix, characters from other comics are invitied for a banquet. Which comic are we talking about? What other comics' characters are invited?
  • We all know why is Obelix not given magic potion. But, in one of the comics, Getafix personally gives Obleix some magic potion. Which comic? Why? How many drops of potion?
  • What is Vitalstatistix's wife's name? What's his bro-in-law's name?
  • In which comic do Asterix and Obelix pick-up their first fight with pirates?
  • Which comic features Thomson and Thompson (of Tintin) with Asterix?
Answers are not provided on this page. If you want to verify your answers, send me a mail at