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Asterix And Cleopatra an adventure by Goscinny-Uderzo
Asterix And Cleopatra
an adventure by Goscinny-Uderzo

In an attempt to show Caesar that Egypt is still as great a nation as in the days the pyramids were built, Cleopatra promises to build him a magnificent palace in 3 months. Knowing that it will be impossible to build the palace in such a short time Edifis the architect comes to Gaul to ask Getafix for magic help. Getafix, Asterix, Obelix and Dogmatix set off immediately for Egypt.

Getafix brews some magic potion and soon the palace proceeds to get built in record time until a rival of Edifis waylays a shipment of stone. The 3 Gauls go in search of stone and get tricked into visiting the inside of a pyramid where they get abandoned and soon become lost. Dogmatix comes to their rescue and soon they have returned to the building site with the stone needed.

At this point Caesar not wishing to lose face with Cleopatra uses his troops to stop any further work. Needless to say that everything works out in the end though its hard to say if this would have been the case if Cleopatra didn't have such a pretty nose.

Asterix's next adventure is 'Asterix and the Goths'.