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Asterix And The Goths an adventure by Goscinny-Uderzo
Asterix And The Goths

Getafix whilst attending the annual druid conference is kidnapped by Goths who wish to gain the recipe to his magic potion. Asterix and Obelix set off to Germania, the land of the Visigoths to rescue Getafix.

The Gauls disguise themselves as Romans so as to avoid detection by the Roman patrols who think they are Goths. After a minor altercation with a confused border guard the Gauls enter Germania and disguise themselves as Goths sneaking into a Goth town before being found out and captured. Luckily they are taken to where Getafix is being kept. Getafix devises a plan and prepares some magic potion which he then gives to a number of Goths who feeling invincible attempt to take over leadership of the Goths. Unfortunately for the Goths this led to a long civil war and the Gauls all but forgotten return to their village victorious again.

Asterix's next adventure is 'Asterix the Gladiator'.