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Asterix In Spain an adventure by Goscinny-Uderzo
Asterix In Spain
an adventure by Goscinny-Uderzo

In this adventure Caesar has just brought all of Spain under Roman control ....well not quite all as there is one village which refuses to intergrate into the Roman world. The Romans capture the son of the village chief and Caesar sends this hostage to a quiet part of Gaul to safe guard him. Unfortunately this part of Gaul is also inhabited by Asterix and Obelix who happen to run into the Romans with the hostage. A short fight later and the hostage is in the safe hands of the Gauls.

The hostage (Pepe) turns out to be a little terror and Asterix and Obelix set out with Pepe to return him to his village. They meet pirates, holiday makers, nomads, a roman in disguise and Asterix even matches his skills against a wild aurochs (bull).

Asterix's next adventure is 'Asterix in Britain'.